• Andromeda Deep Space provides all sorts of media for you. For example:

  • 1. Webdesign. We code websites since 1998.

  • 2. Graphic design: Since 1998, we produce digital graphics and artworks.

  • 3. Music: We produce music, compose, arrange, write lyrics, promote events...

  • 4. Text: From lyrics to essays to articles, sport reports to complete books: We deliver your content.

  • 5. Photography and Film: Yes, we can also do that. Just ask us.

Andromeda Deep Space TMI

Andromeda Deep Space logo

We are a network of closely connected people who provide and deliver all sorts of media content to all interested people (including ourselves). We started to do this in 1998 and have been up and running ever since.

We are not a professional big company which asks tons of moolah from you to give you slack work back as a result. No, we - even though descended from Andromeda - are down-to-earth and we have the following motto:

Produce maximum output for minimum input.

We are not really sure if this is a good motto (or makes sense at all), but that's not the point anyway. What it is about is that we can and like to produce various types of media, from websites to graphics to songs to books. Basically, the only border is your imagination (not our's since we think the Andromedarian way which is uncomprehensible for Earthlings).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if we raised your attention and interest. Trust us, we are friendly people who do not bite (except if we are clearly asked to).


Whimsical Music website 2011

We started in 1998 with HTML 1.1 or what was it back then. Ever since we designed dozens of websites. First in plain HTML, then Flash, some PHP, CSS and today it is all about responsive websites for big screens to phones. Check some of our current projects in our portfolio.

Graphic Design

from the outer space graphic design (2012)

Hand in hand with webdesign goes graphic design. We have designed and printed hundreds of different flyers, postcards, posters, record covers; made plenty of digital logos and generally played a lot with the programs in order to learn. Look at some designs in our portfolio.


A freshly pressed vinyl record (2005)

Together with our partner Dub Flash Records we have more than 10 years experience in the music industry. We produced albums, handled pressings of vinyl records, designed artworks, promoted the music, distributed the records, organised parties, went on tour. We remixed other people, we helped other people with their releases and connected fans. So many stories to tell. We offer our experience and service in this broad field. However, where to start? How about you tell us your ideas?


Cover of Finnband Bildland book (2013)

Yet another big field in which we have something to offer. We write everything you need to have written. Essays, speeches, song lyrics, reports, articles, translations (English, German, Finnish, French), even complete books. Been there, done that. What can we write for you?

Photography and Film

Music video for Dub Rogue (2006) - click for YouTube link

This is more like a bonus topic. We only recently started to add photography to our portfolio when we published a picture book. It appears that we are natural photography talents though. As for films: We have a studied director in our network who is able to provide a full crew and shoot a film - if you can finance it.


Here is a list of our clients for whom we provide(d) content:

1. FFV Spandau
AFC Keltik
Dub Flash Records
Endurance Team
Fahrschule am Stargarder Tor
MoonBass Hi+Fi
Sword of the Republic
Whimsical Music
X-Men Soccer

Below are some examples of our works. This list features both, new and old works and it only gives a brief overview. We could show more, but less is more, we were told by our wise grandparents. If you hover over a picture with your mouse, you will get a text info about the project. You may also filter your selection, e. g. only webdesign pictures.


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